Pagaea Benefit Series

The idea behind our ‘Pangaea Benefit Series’ is to bring the community of Austin together for global causes. Over millions of years, the continents have drifted apart. We hope to do our part to help bring the people of these continents together by raising funds and spreading awareness about important humanitarian and environmental issues facing the planet. We will work with a different charitable organization for each event in an effort to spotlight a variety of non-profit organizations that are bringing focused, positive change to our planet. Continental Drift plans to host these benefits with other local artists bi-annually.

Pangaea Benefit Series VOLUME 1 Recap:
Monday, November 21, 2016 (Austin, TX) - On December 17, 2016, Continental Drift joined forces with Money Chicha, Kalu James, El Tules and Qi Dada from Riders Against the Storm at Barracuda (611 E. 7th Street) to launch our “Pangaea Benefit Series” focused on raising funds for rotating charitable organizations that focus on positive global initiatives. 

Despite freezing temperatures and very high winds, many of you still came out and raised more than $1000 for citizens of Leogane, Haiti via Intervol, a charitable organization that brings surplus medical supplies and equipment to underserviced areas. We could not have done this without our amazing sponsors, Titos Vodka and Austin Beerworks. Both were very enthusiastic about supporting the cause.
In October of last year, Haiti was hit by a massive hurricane, which left hundreds of thousands of Haitians without homes. The UN estimates at least 1.4 million Haitians are in need of urgent assistance. In addition to supplies, Intervol organizes a group they call Volunteer Medical Professionals: doctors, nurses and allied medical personnel who bring professional care and services to people in critical need. Residents of Leogane also received clothing, personal care items, clean water and building materials.

In addition to performances by fantastic bands, each benefit will feature a presentation on the local culture of the affected area or beneficiary.  For our Haiti Benefit, Qi Dada, from local hip hop giants Riders Against the Storm, lead the cultural spotlight for the Haiti benefit concert with a short talk and Haitian folk dance troupe performance. Dada comes from a proud Haitian family, making her especially passionate and uniquely qualified to show Austin the spirit of the Haitian people.

We are very proud of our first effort, and are eternally grateful for all of those who came out and helped make it happen!

Thanks to our biggest supporters
These People went above and beyond and helped us make a much bigger dent in the struggle of the Haitian people:

Steve Walden - Big Giver
Sherah Bassard - Extra Mile Contributor

And our sponsors
Tito's Vodka
Austin Beerworks
Both were very enthusiastic about helping the cause, and were absolutely instrumental in the success of the fundraiser.